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Tips for your application documents for AHT

You have probably heard many times that a good application includes a cover letter, a letter of motivation and references from the last few years. You can find countless standard letters on this on the Internet. You can imagine the average number of applications a recruiter sees each week. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your cover letter should not look the same as everyone else and contain the same phrases, as this is not very convincing. That is why our tip is very clear: write an honest, authentic and outstanding cover letter or leave it out. We can also give you the same tip regarding letters of motivation. If the honest motivation is described here and AHT is specifically addressed, it can be worth gold. Otherwise, less is more. Authenticity counts!

For our career team at AHT, it’s not about the number of pages in the application documents. The point is that after reading the résumé no questions arise and that a clear structure, the motivation and the activities carried out over the past few years are recognizable. If this can still be confirmed with convincing references, then you are clearly on the priority road.

Our 5 tips for you

Write to
Write an authentic and honest cover letter and do not use standard templates.
It is better to include a serious photo than a party photo.
Describe your positions in the structured CV with your main activities.
Letter of motivation
Describe your real motivation in your letter of motivation and explain AHT and the position.
Add convincing references or work samples, these underline your CV.

5 tips for interviewing at AHT

The most important tip first – stay authentic and honest! It is very important to us to better understand you and your experiences as well as your motivation in the discussions. But vice versa, it is important to us that you can get an impression of AHT and the work environment yourself. After all, if you are accepted, it should work for both sides. Hence our tip: ask all the questions that concern you and find out more about AHT. We will assure you that we will answer these questions just as authentically and honestly.

It will also happen again and again that you will be presented with practical questions and practical examples in job interviews. Here we want to get to know more of your approach as well as your practical experience. In addition, you will always be asked why you find AHT of all things interesting as an employer. That is why we can only warmly recommend that you find out about AHT in advance and be prepared for it.

Our 5 tips for you

Remain authentic and honest and be very clear about what you can do.
Preliminary considerations
Find out more about AHT in advance and prepare your thoughts as to why you should consider our company as an employer and why the position is of interest to you.
Your own questions
Prepare your own questions in advance which you would definitely like to find out in a conversation about the company, the position or the environment.
Strengths & Motivation
Think in advance about your strengths and motivation and show them in conversation.
Expect that, as an international company, we will most likely speak English to you during the interview.