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Ready to get your career started in an awarded Austrian company? Do you want to learn from experienced experts and lay the foundation for your career? At AHT, eight exciting apprenticeships and plenty of opportunities for your future await you. Your trainers will train, supervise and coach you from the first day of your apprenticeship to your final exams and beyond.

Why AHT?

Feel the AHT Youngsters team spirit and develop your talent with us. You can expect not only modern offices and training workshops but also cool break rooms and a company canteen. You will also receive a very high apprentice income and various employee benefits.

Your career specials

From the AHT Youngsters Welcome Week to the training courses at the AHT Youngsters Academy to apprentice excursions and performance bonuses – your apprenticeship at AHT will be unforgettable. And after the apprenticeship you have very good chances of finding a permanent job.

Apprenticeship with “Matura”

We would like to support you. In cooperation with BFI Rottenmann, we offer you the opportunity to complete the basic course and the English module, including the English exam, as part of the “Apprenticeship with Matura” programme – directly at AHT and during your working hours.

When working atmosphere never is chilly.

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Apprenticeships at AHT

You want to get started at AHT and are looking for the apprenticeship that suits you? Immerse yourself in our exciting career fields and let us inspire you.

Industrial clerk

Are you communicative, a numbers person and do you like to organise? Immerse yourself in the commercial areas of our international company as an industrial clerk.

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  • IT systems engineering

    Whether it’s installing or configuring, server maintenance or troubleshooting – everything to do with computers is your thing? Then start your career as an IT systems technician at AHT.

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  • Refrigeration technology

    Are you a passionate tinkerer, hobbyist or screwdriver – or do you prefer to go directly to the customer’s site and show that you can get any refrigeration unit up and running again? As a refrigeration system technician, all these possibilities are open to you at AHT.

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  • Electrical engineering - Specialising in plant and operating technology

    From plant commissioning and troubleshooting to protective measures, you are fully involved in electrical engineering so that everything moves in our factory halls.

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  • Metal technology - Specialising in mechanical engineering

    As a metal technician, you will learn how to machine mechanical parts, assemble mechanical components, produce spare parts and machine components and much more.

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  • Mechatronics

    Are you a multi-talent and don’t want to choose between metal and electrical engineering? Become an all-rounder with brains and skills as a mechatronics technician.

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  • Process technology

    Do you love it when everything runs like clockwork? Whether logistics, planning or monitoring work processes, as a process technician you ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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  • Metal Technician - Specialising in toolmaking technology

    As a toolmaking technician, you will design, manufacture and repair tools that are used in production, such as moulds, punching tools or cutting tools. Your main goal is to manufacture high-precision tools to ensure quality and efficiency in production.

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  • When cool technology
    meets human warmth.

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    Take a look behind the scenes

    Have you always wondered what to expect from an apprenticeship at AHT? What does the apprentice workshop look like and what do other apprentices have to say about it? Here you will find the answers.

    AHT Jingle

    Are you thinking about starting an apprenticeship at AHT and proving what you’re made of? Then take a look at our AHT jingle.

    When I work internationally.
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    Apprenticeship income for apprentices in the electrical and electronics industry

    Apprenticeship year I II
    1. Apprenticeship year 1.105,00 EUR 1.381,25 EUR
    2. Apprenticeship year 1.381,25 EUR 1.795,63 EUR
    3. Apprenticeship year 1.657,50 EUR 2.071,88 EUR
    4. Apprenticeship year 2.154,75 EUR 2.289,43 EUR

    Column II applies to apprentices whose apprenticeship relationship started after passing the school-leaving examination. (Status May 2023, next increase May 2024, gross per month in euros)

    For further information please contact

    Commercial training
    / IT technician

    Sabine Mittermair-Krivez
    P 03614 24 51 – 426
    M sabine.mittermair-krivez@aht.at

    Simone Koller
    P 03614 / 2451 – 922
    M simone.koller@aht.at


    Gerald Gierer
    P 03614 24 51 – 274
    M gerald.gierer@aht.at

    Michael Waltl-Schupfer
    P 03614 24 51 – 309
    M michael.waltl-schupfer@aht.at

    Cool jobs

    Lay the foundation for your career as part of AHT. Learn from the experience of our experts and develop your talent at the leading manufacturer of plug-in cooling systems.