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Jobportrait - Legal


The AHT Legal Team provides advice and answers on all legal issues within AHT. The team coordinates internal and external bodies (notaries, lawyers, authorities), checks and prepares the necessary documents for the implementation of company-relevant changes and processes (e.g. minutes, resolutions, submissions), is responsible for matters relating to the GDPR (preparation and implementation of guidelines, training materials, agreements and documentation, process monitoring and ongoing preparation of information on legal innovations), carries out research on individual legal topics and acts as an internal consultant for the AHT departments.

Kerstin Pfarrbacher, AHT Manager Legal Affairs

“I chose to work at AHT because I am very attracted to the versatility and vision of the company. I love dealing with different legal topics and collaborating with my colleagues around the world. In my daily life, I am also in close contact with institutions, partners, consultants and other parties or study legislative updates and case law on various issues. I often consult with people from different professional fields and different backgrounds (live or online). Together we develop effective solutions and achieve promising results for AHT. AHT as an employer in the Upper Styrian region represents an internationally successful company with a future, leaves room for professional development and is committed to collegial interaction with employees.”