The AHT R&D team is the driver of technological progress and develops new AHT cooling and freezing systems in close cooperation with product management, design and the AHT laboratory. Likewise, the optimization and maintenance of existing AHT products plays an important role. The range of new developments is almost unlimited: Products, components, equipment, materials, manufacturing processes, technologies, systems, models and much more are objects of new and further development. The team substantially accompanies all phases of the development process from idea generation to conception and introduction.

The AHT product managers analyze, conceptualize and optimize the various refrigeration and freezer units to be able to ensure the high standards of quality, sustainability and customer benefits. The design team is heavily involved in the development of the appliances and designs them until they are ready for series production. The AHT laboratory performs functional and suitability tests on components and ensures that materials and materials meet AHT quality specifications.

Leon Thanner

“What I particularly liked about my apprenticeship as a refrigeration system technician was that I was able to gain a lot of different experiences and impressions, as I worked in a wide variety of departments. Since I finished my apprenticeship, I have been working in the laboratory, where I also spent the last few months of my apprenticeship. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for measuring and optimizing refrigeration units as well as for new and further development of refrigeration units in the lab. The most exciting thing for me is to master different tasks every day and still gain new experiences.

If employees want to continue their education, for example to become a master craftsman, engineer or graduate engineer, they are generously supported by AHT.”