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Jobportrait - Sales


The AHT Sales Team takes care of the sales of AHT cooling and freezing systems and convinces customers of the advantages of AHT products. The sales staff attaches great importance to the personal contact with our customers, travels for meetings across all countries of the world and also participates in international trade fairs and exhibitions. The long-standing customer relationships are characterized by trust and openness. As a result, the sales team understands the needs of our customers and can offer convincing solutions at fair prices for special requests.

Dora Kretauer, AHT Sales International

“I started working in the sales administration department at AHT in 2017. After one and a half years, I decided to go to Asia and Australia for a longer period of time; with the hope to get back to AHT afterwards. So in 2019, I started again as a sales assistant in the “Ice Cream International” team. Communicating with people from all over the world and learning a lot about how different cultures live and work is very exciting for me. Especially at the beginning of the ice cream season, we are in constant contact with our international colleagues in order to be able to guarantee perfect implementation of customer wishes. My supervisor very often involves me in important decisions and places a lot of trust in me, which I really appreciate.”