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AHT Paris

PARIS is the plug-in freezer and refrigerator that redefines economy and raises visual merchandising to an innovative level.
It maximises your sales area through innovative shelf attachments and thus helps you push your sales further.

The highlights of the Paris Series

Everything you need to know about AHT Paris

Attractive device for refrigerating & freezing

Panoramic view, stylish design and lots of innovative equipment details make PARIS an elegant freezer/refrigeration system that positively influences sales figures in the form of sales-promoting freezer islands – possible are row placement, block placement or installation as an island with double-sided head units.

The perfect stage for your products

With the visual merchandising concept, PARIS massively increases your sales power in the frozen/refrigerated segment – a product area in which supermarkets normally generate up to 30% of their sales. You should therefore rely on professional technology and many years of AHT know-how for using this “cash cow” to the maximum for your greater competitiveness.

Lower costs through energy efficiency

Conventional interconnected systems put a strain on your energy balance – trust in AHT’s plug-and-play Plug & Chill systems, whose closed and maintenance-free refrigeration circuits not only ensure flexible use, but also the longest service life. The extra plus: The new electronically speed-controlled compressor offers an additional 25% energy saving.

Data, information and support

Everything you need to know about AHT Paris
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Refrigerating (1)
+3 °C to +15 °C

Refrigerating meat and ground meat (2)
0 °C to +2 °C

-18 °C to -23 °C

(1) Fixed preset to +4 ° C - can be changed by service technicians
(2) In the meat and minced meat cooling operating mode, semi-automatic de-icing is not possible for reasons of product safety.

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