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VENTO SPI product family not only offers you the refrigeration unit itself, but thanks to the interplay of sophisticated accessories and components, we can supply you with complete systems. From project planning and assembly to after-sales and service, we provide you with systems having outstanding efficiency and flexibility.
Welcome to the world of refrigeration cabinets with shelf modules that can be flexibly linked together.

The highlights of the Vento SPI Series

Everything you need to know about AHT Vento SPI

Cool generation at the cutting edge

The reliable and low-maintenance, plug-in refrigeration shelf series for all application areas impresses with maximum flexibility, minimal installation effort and sustainability in operation and investment.

Climate-friendly, efficient use of waste heat

VENTO SPI offers an environmentally friendly heat dissipation solution from the market using glycol as a cooling medium in the waste heat circuit. The easy-to-install piping ensures extremely fast implementation times and very robust, low-maintenance operation over the system’s entire life. Technical optimal coordination of all components results in an efficient, cost-effective and extremely economical refrigeration shelf system.

Data, information and support

Everything you need to know about AHT Vento SPI
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+1°C to +10°C

-1°C to +7°C

-1°C to +5°C

-1°C to +4°C

-1°C to +2°C

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