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AHT IT is not only concerned with the smooth provision of technology and devices (such as laptops and mobile devices) for AHT employees or support with IT issues, but also, and above all, with understanding the internal processes within the company. This is because internal company processes are continuously supported, accompanied and improved by AHT IT. The constant development, maintenance and further development of the group-wide IT systems make the AHT IT team an essential pillar of the company.

Halid Kovacevic, AHT SAP Authorization and User Access Management

“After attending HAK in Liezen, I started a shortened apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at AHT and successfully completed it in July 2019. The most exciting thing about my everyday professional life is definitely the variety. I am responsible for SAP authorization management in the IT department and every day I handle a wide variety of user requests from the entire AHT Group, including concerns from our international colleagues from all over the world. Since this is also a security issue, there is also a lot of responsibility behind it. In my opinion, what sets AHT apart from other employers is its giant team spirit. As the Corona crisis has shown, AHT is a very strong, flexible and crisis-proof company.”