Jobportrait – Procurement Ulrike Sperl

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Jobportrait - Procurement


The Procurement team is responsible for the development, implementation and expansion of strategic supplier relationships, always with the goal of achieving the most optimal price and condition agreements. Starting with observations of the procurement market to identify potential new suppliers and procurement markets to the development of strategic contracts to secure mutual goals and interests to the structured presentation of all purchasing activities in the form of evaluations and reports, the team contributes significantly to the improvement of quality, performance and cost structure of the AHT portfolio.

Ulrike Sperl, AHT Strategic Purchasing

“More than 10 years ago, a professional internship for my logistics studies led me to AHT Cooling Systems. Since 2013, I have been taking on varied tasks in the Procurement division. The re-entry after my 3.5-year maternity leave went smoothly. Work and family can be optimally combined at AHT, for which I am very grateful!”