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The AHT Environment
& Safety Team


Our environment and safety team is responsible for all environmental, safety and legal compliance issues. Our experts are passionate about the well-being of our employees and ensure that AHT meets the requirements of sustainability and environmental friendliness on a daily basis.

Environmental precaution in practice

Sustainability and energy efficiency are the basis for the development, production and operation of AHT systems. Our experts are constantly working on even more sustainable solutions and environmentally friendly developments.


Occupational safety is very important to us at AHT. That is why the safety team ensures that sources of danger and health hazards are eliminated and that all employees can carry out their work safely. After all, they are our greatest asset.

Legal Compliance

Our experts ensure that we comply with government requirements as well as internal guidelines and principles. This includes compliance with SA8000, a voluntary international standard on social responsibility.

In a globalised world of permanent change, it is of great concern to us as innovation leaders to act in a forward-looking and sustainable manner. Our task is to set standards on which the next generations can build, taking into account both ecological aspects and the affordability of our future.

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