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General Affairs

general affairs team


Two experienced teams with many years of experience were brought together in the General Affairs department, which was newly founded in summer 2022. Together and with combined forces, they now take care of several multi-faceted subject areas, such as contract management, travel management, credit card management, workplace health promotion, fleet management and crisis management.

Strong together

In the General Affairs Team you will find a colourful bouquet of AHT company experience. Here we work on solutions with combined know-how and benefit from the experience of each individual. Their cohesion is what makes the General Affairs department special.

Healthy moments

The health of our employees is close to our hearts. That’s why the General Affairs team puts a lot of heart and soul into workplace health promotion, constantly initiates new ideas at AHT and strengthens the well-being of our employees in the long term.

Crisis management

When the situation gets tough, our General Affairs Team is there to help. Equipped for every scenario, the experienced team members know what to do and keep a cool head even in critical times. For example, they led AHT safely through the Corona crisis.

Eva Rousek, General Affairs 

“My area of responsibility is tailor-made for me. I can perfectly contribute my strengths and work together with colleagues worldwide. Our unique team spirit and the varied, exciting activities motivate me even more.”

When high-tech coolness meets human kindness.

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