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The AHT Legal Team


The AHT Legal Team is available to answer questions on all legal topics within AHT. The employees coordinate internal and external bodies (notaries, lawyers, authorities), check and prepare documents, are responsible for matters relating to the GDPR, carry out research on individual legal topics and act as internal advisors for the AHT departments.

Compliance with the GDPR

The AHT Legal Team guarantees compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. It takes care of the development and implementation of guidelines and agreements, process monitoring and the ongoing preparation of information on legal innovations.

Internal consultation

In case of legal questions, the various departments of the AHT turn to the Legal Team. As an internal counselling centre, they respond individually to the concerns of our departments and provide advice and support. Our experts find a solution for every legal issue.

Legal documents

All documents for the implementation of company-relevant changes and processes pass through the careful hands of our legal team. They are not only responsible for drafting, but also thoroughly check documents.

SA8000 - international standard for social responsibility

AHT voluntarily complies with SA8000. This means that our customers can rely on solid quality standards that meet the high demand of cinsumers on the AHT brand.

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