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Product management

Product Management Team


From procurement to production and shipping to assembly, our product managers take care of all possible aspects of our AHT products and know them inside out. The team always knows what is happening on the market, where it is heading and how we can best position and present our products on the market.

Always on the
pulse of time

Our product managers always keep an eye on the market and consider how we can best adapt our products to current market requirements. They identify trends at an early stage and find out about the current and future needs of our customers.

& Innovation

We always want to provide our customers with the best products. That is why our product managers work diligently on optimisations and innovations. Through their trend analyses, they know exactly what should be taken into account in new and further development.

Between sales
and technology

Internally, our AHT product managers are the communication point between all departments. As the link between sales and technology, between strategy and our operative business, they always have the goal in mind of getting the best out of our products.

Mario Schaffer, Product management

“In constant contact with all departments, I handle various enquiries about our products. Every day, several ideas and suggestions for improvement from our subsidiaries, sales partners and internal departments come together. I really enjoy the familiar atmosphere with AHT colleagues worldwide.”

When I work internationally but just around the corner.

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