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The AHT Research & Development team is the driver of technological progress and realises new solutions in close cooperation with product management, design and the AHT laboratory. The optimisation and maintenance of existing solutions also play an important role. The team essentially accompanies all phases of the development process from brainstorming to conception and introduction.


Our research and development team is always working on innovative solutions. Products, components, systems, devices, materials, manufacturing processes, technologies, systems, models and much more are objects of new and further development.


In our AHT laboratory, all our devices are put through their paces. Every day, our experts carry out various tests using the latest technology to ensure that our products convince our customers across the board.


Our products convince not only with performance, but also with their look. Design is a decisive factor these days. Our design experts are therefore always tinkering with even more beautiful solutions. Their tasks also include prototype construction.

Denis Dremel, AHT Laboratory

“No two days are the same. And that’s good, because I don’t like routine. I have been part of AHT for over seven years. AHT is like a big family and I feel safe and in good hands in an internationally active group in an industry with a secure future.”

When the work I do locally impacts refrigeration technology internationally.

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