Apprenticeship metal technology

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Apprenticeship metal technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Your training at AHT


Do you want to learn how to work and process metals, plastics and non-ferrous metals into components and finished products? Do you enjoy designing and manufacturing machine parts, jigs and tools and assembling semi-automated jigs and machines? Then you’ve come to the right place.

What you do
in your training

  • Machining mechanical parts, assembling mechanical assemblies and components.
  • Assembling, mounting, testing and commissioning machines and plants
  • Manufacture and install spare parts and machine components
  • Manufacture, assemble and test pneumatic controls
  • Locate, isolate and rectify faults, defects and malfunctions in plant and machinery

Facts &
Worth knowing

Training duration:
3,5 Years

Vocational school:
LBS Knittelfeld

Ulrich Gassner-Speckmoser

“My tasks include the independent planning, implementation and follow-up of technical projects, optimisation and standardisation of workplaces in production as well as management and scheduling of internal and external auxiliary operations. The apprenticeship at AHT as a mechanical engineer prepared me excellently for my current activities in the field of industrial engineering. The modern machinery in the AHT apprentice workshop is an absolute highlight of the training. For me, the completed LAP was the starting signal for my further professional training, first at the evening HTL and now at the FH for building services engineering.”

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