IT systems engineering apprenticeship

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IT systems engineering

Your training at AHT


Are you interested in everything in computers and IT topics? Whether it’s hardware, software, installation or configuration? Then an apprenticeship as an IT systems technician is the perfect start to your career. Then join our IT team.

What you do
in your training

  • Configuration and installation of PC workstations and smartphones
  • Software installations, server maintenance and network technology
  • Troubleshooting and fault clearance
  • Repairs of PCs, servers and other hardware
  • Commissioning, testing and checking activities
  • Assistance with software selection
  • Consultation and training of staff

Facts &
Worth knowing

Training duration:
4 Years

Vocational school:
LBS Eibiswald

Alexander Bauer

“I have been part of the AHT since 1 September 2018. Thanks to the great support from my superiors and the AHT, I was able to take off as the first IT apprentice at AHT Rottenmann and successfully complete my apprenticeship. My area of responsibility, which I was able to grow into, is wide-ranging and never lets boredom arise. I use my thirst for knowledge and the external training opportunities to be a valuable support for the AHT and my colleagues. It is with great pleasure that I now help all new IT apprentices. “There’s no such thing as can’t” is my motto – we’ll find a solution.”

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