Jobportrait – HR Magdalena


From personnel recruitment to supporting AHT managers in personnel planning to personnel development – the agendas of the AHT HR department are very diverse. Above all, the perception of future needs of employees in the design of work and organization is a key factor here. The HR team manages the entire human capital of the company and thus the most important resource of AHT: the people who together shape the future of AHT with their daily commitment, their professional know-how and their team spirit.

Magdalena Topalovic, AHT HR Payroll Accounting

“I am responsible for payroll accounting for AHT workers in the AHT HR department together with two other colleagues. There are very many challenges to master as a payroll accountant. Since we of course duly comply with laws, collective agreements, company agreements, etc., we must of course also always be up to date and, if necessary, implement changes correctly and on time in practice. For me, AHT shows a great deal of interest and trust in its own employees. From my own experience, I can say that you have very good opportunities for advancement and a certain amount of diversity. I worked in customer service for almost three years at the beginning. However, my interest in payroll has always been very strong and AHT has given me that opportunity.”