Process technician

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Process technician

Process technician

Duration of training: 3.5 years
Vocational school: LBS Knittelfeld

It runs like clockwork: With their know-how, our process technicians ensure a smooth production process on our production lines!

This is what you will do in your training with us:

  • Planning of tool inserts and devices on production machines
  • Operation and monitoring of work processes
  • Participation in production planning and production control
  • Monitoring product quality
  • Collaboration in logistics and warehousing
  • Maintenance and repair of machines, tools and systems


Your career path at AHT can look very different, depending on your personal strengths and preferences: For example, you can design and manufacture devices and assembly aids in our system construction department. You can carry out maintenance and inspections in industrial engineering. Or even work in production controlling or quality assurance.

Process technician: Lena Karner

I started my apprenticeship at AHT as the first female process technician in September 2015. At the beginning, like all new apprentices in the apprenticeship workshop, I completed basic training. This was important in order to master the correct handling of the most diverse tools, materials and also the milling and turning machines. Then I had the opportunity to look at the various departments such as laboratory, incoming goods, toolmaking, … and also to work actively.

After my LAP in February 2019, I switched to the salaried area. Here I still work with full enthusiasm in the field of production controlling. In order to open further doors for me professionally, I started the evening HTL in Trieben in September 2020.

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