Refrigeration system technician

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Refrigeration system technician

Refrigeration system technician

Duration of training: 3.5 years
Vocational school: LBS Graz

Are you a tinkerer, hobbyist, screwdriver – or would you prefer someone who shows customers what they can do on site and gets every cooling device working again? As a trained refrigeration system technician, all these options are open to you at AHT!

This is what you will do in your training with us:

  • Installation of refrigeration components such as compressors, condensers, defrosting heaters and ventilation systems according to technical plans
  • Creation of construction drawings and installation instructions
  • Manufacture of pipe connections by welding, soldering, screwing or gluing
  • Installation and programming of measurement / control / regulation / process control and safety systems
  • Implementation and monitoring of tightness and quality controls in refrigeration systems
  • Laboratory testing and measurement of the function and performance of the devices
  • Repair of cooling systems directly at the customer


After a successful apprenticeship, you have the choice of whether you want to work in production, in the office or in the field: hobbyists go to production, tinkerers to the design office or the laboratory – and the best repairers in the AHT service car directly to our customers.

R&D: Leon Thanner

What I particularly liked about my apprenticeship as a refrigeration system technician was that I was able to gather a lot of different experiences and impressions because I worked in a wide variety of departments. Since I finished my training, I have been working in the laboratory, where I also spent the last months of my apprenticeship. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for measuring and optimizing cooling devices as well as developing new and further developing cooling devices in the laboratory. The most exciting thing for me is to master different tasks every day and still gain new experience.

If employees want further training, for example to become a master craftsman, engineer or graduate engineer, they receive generous support from AHT.